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Our writing staff in Charmville delivers the latest and best news regarding lucky charms — both products and tips on how to improve your luck. As we are focusing on the delivery of our high-quality content, creation of blog posts can sometimes be slow.

Thus, we seek the help of other talented writers or even people, which are not writers, but have experienced good luck through lucky charms they possess and are using, or activities that they have done that they believe to have brought them good luck.

What Should You Write About?

Our topics are categorized into three: Decorations, Accessories, and Music. You may wonder what these three terms mean.

In Decorations, we provide readers about lucky charms or ways to decorate their houses, apartments, car, etc. in order to bring good luck to the people using it.

As with Music, we believe that there are songs that can bring good luck to listeners.

Finally with Accessories, we make sure to bring readers options on how they can “wear” lucky charms wherever they go. This can include necklaces, pendants, ring, bracelets, and more. And that wraps up the topics that we prefer to receive from our writers.

We make it a point to publish only unique high-quality content every week surrounding lucky charms.

Are You Suitable to write?

Here are our questions for you. Did you experience good luck, bad luck, or any kind of luck when you’ve bought a lucky charm or have done something to achieve good fortune? Have you, at some point, done thorough research about lucky charms and their effect? If you answered yes at least once, then we would love to hear from you!

How to Write for Charmville?

If you want to write for Charmville, there are things you may need to submit, although not every one of them are necessary:

Proposed title

Writing samples

The category you strive the most

Personal information

Here are Charmville, we have built strong relationships with our readers. We have achieved this through providing our readers advice on how they can improve their luck.

As their first choice of advice, we at Charmville are offering access to our collection of blog posts to meet the demands of our readers. We also provide updates and news to our subscribers through e-newsletters.

For more information on how you can start writing for Charmville, please contact our customer support. You may fill the contact form in our Contact page.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Charmville!