Sunday, November 28

5 Upbeat Songs That Will Make You Feel Lucky

It’s only normal to be frustrated and blame bad luck for everything happen to you. Sometimes you’re wrong, but sometimes you’re correct. So do you want to get rid of that bad luck and start feeling lucky again?

There are many ways to do that, such as paintings and necklaces. But what you didn’t know is that you can also listen to music to boost your luck.

Remember that these songs aren’t a symbol for luck, but can uplift your spirit. Here are songs that you should include in your playlist about luck and being a winner.


This song’s about the love between singer Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

“You make it easier when life gets hard”

Luck may not always be in your side, but it would only mean you will put more value to little things.

Good To Be Alive

It’s not every day that you experience bad luck, and that also applies to the opposite. However, at times like this that you need to know that you need persistence in order to go through both of them.

Lucky Star

Like the songs in this list, this one is not exactly a lucky song. But if you’re going through some problems, you will find that listening to this song feels like you’re witnessing a real “lucky star”.

Good Feeling

When you’re in a bad mood, listen to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling”. It’s truly a song that makes you feel good.

Lucky Lucky Me

If you want to be lucky, you might as well thing of yourself as lucky, like how the “Lucky Lucky Me” goes.

You don’t necessarily need a lucky charm to be lucky, you just need to feel lucky. And what better way to do that than listening to music about being lucky!