Sunday, November 28

Lucky Charm Designs to Look for in Necklaces

It’s hard to ignore the idea that there are objects that can boost your luck. So it’s only natural to try them at least once.

Symbols of luck have been adopted in many forms for year. For the sake of fashion, the best form would be necklaces.

Here’s a list of symbols of good luck that are great designs for putting in your necklace. If you don’t know where to get these necklaces, check out our post on brands that offer good luck jewelries.

Four leaf clover

klee 345135 1920 1024x897 - Lucky Charm Designs to Look for in Necklaces

The four leaf clover is the most common symbol for good luck. It is said that possessing this plant will allow you to see fairies, which are sources of bad luck.

The same applies to having a necklace with the design.

Lucky Whale Tail

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It might not be as popular as the four leaf clover, but it still symbolizes good luck. It is believed that this symbol intensifies your talent in creativity, so it is used as a lucky charm for artists. And what better way to use them than putting the design into your necklace?


beetle bug close up 33544 1024x698 - Lucky Charm Designs to Look for in Necklaces

It is known that if a ladybug lands on you, you will achieve happiness. Not only are they cute, but they will give you good luck. What more do you need in your necklace? You just have to pick a design with a lady that suits you.


This one is also a common sign of good luck. It is said that when it is broken into two pieces, the one with the bigger half is luckier. Besides, it is an outstanding design if you ever want to put it as a design on your necklace.

Dandelion Seed

dandelion 3597681 1920 1024x718 - Lucky Charm Designs to Look for in Necklaces

It might already be known to you that if a dandelion seed lands on you, you should make a wish, then that wish would come true, but that’s not all. Dandelions are also one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It’s perfect for necklace designs.


depth of field horseshoe metal 70085 1024x683 - Lucky Charm Designs to Look for in Necklaces

Horseshoes are known for being a protective charm against evil powers. It is also a funny design when it comes to necklaces. Although it’s not really the best design, it’s still great, unless you’re a lady. This only looks good on the neck of guys, as they say.

Whatever the design, knowing that you are being supported by a lucky charm will make you feel happier. That alone can be considered good luck. So how about it? Have you decided on what design you’ll be getting for your next necklace?