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Lucky Charms for Different Aspects of Life

A good luck charm symbolizes something you want to attract in a certain aspect of your life. It may involve your career, success, love, health, and more. There are also charms that wards of evil or negative energy.

It’s only natural to want to try it out. After all, you’re not losing anything by doing so. That’s why many people are having the desire to try out lucky charms.

It can be fun and exciting to use good luck charms every day in your life but you should still consider things besides luck.

Since people tend to think of luck in only one angle, here are lucky charms that cover other aspects of your life besides pure “luck”.

Happy Life and Much Fortune

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When we talk about luck, most of the time, we’ll be thinking of wealth. Everyone wants to live happy with much fortune.

The best lucky charm regarding money matters is the mystic knot. It is created by tying six infinity knots together. It is said to bring never-ending good fortune and of course, happy life, to the owner.

Longevity and Health

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Although money and fortune is good and all, health is also in your top priorities. Fortunately, there are many good luck charms that symbolize longevity and health. These are usually animals, including turtle, crane, and Fu dogs.

They are mostly paintings or statues. Peach and pine tree also symbolize longevity, health, and even the prosperity of your home.

Abundance and Prosperity

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While fortune refers to money, abundance and prosperity does not only represent money, but also many other things. However, it is mostly believed to help with work and home. There are many lucky charms that symbolize wealth.

One of these lucky charms is the red envelope that helps with bringing blessings and prosperity.  There are also Chinese coins symbolizing abundance of money. There’s the three-legged that is believed to attract wealth. There are also the dragon, phoenix, goldfish, and crystals.

Love and Good Relationships

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Money, health, and prosperity will not be enough if you don’t receive love that continues to grow. For those seeking a spouse, here are lucky charms to make your wish come true.

First is the mandarin duck which will help you with finding your soul mate. After marriage, red lanterns are also used to bring good luck and longevity for newlyweds.

Then the flower peony is great as it is believed to lengthen your marriage. Finally, for those who want more love and passion, putting rose quartz in your house will help you achieve that.

If you want to more luck, here are additional good luck charms for some things you probably considered before.

Additional Good Luck Charms

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There are many kinds of luck that is brought by these good luck charms:

Turtle dragon attracts wealth and success to your home or office. Elephant is believed to improve success due to its upraised trunk. Gold ingot is, of course, symbols of wealth. Then the lucky bamboo that attracts luck.

There are many good luck charms in the world. It’s up to you how you want to think of these charms. So are you more eager to try out good luck charms now?